Accelerate the transformation of your SAP landscape

Accelerate to Simplify Your IT Landscape

Create a simplified, flexible, agile and business-aligned IT environment: aOneSAP leverages our global expertise and industrialized tools to accelerate the transformation of your SAP landscape.

Keeping up with a Constantly Changing Global Business Landscape

As organizations rapidly gear up to meet the ever-changing demands of a digital age, CIOs are under more pressure than ever to provide an IT infrastructure that is resilient, efficient and most importantly, agile enough to keep pace with business.

Most companies’ application landscapes, however, do not provide the responsive and efficient support that business demands to meet todays and tomorrows’ challenges. Studies show that 84% of CIOs plan to reduce the number of software applications and 76% want to consolidate their system landscapes. Further, most organizations have landscapes that have grown incrementally and in a piecemeal fashion, creating staggering examples of complexity that the organization could do well without.

The need to transform a complex and sub-optimal IT environment is unarguable and the benefits of creating a simplified, agile and aligned landscape obvious. Numerous studies validate the significant reduction possible in operating costs, by a simple consolidation of a multi-instance SAP landscape. Yet, CIOs hesitate to initiate such transformation programs for two reasons. Firstly, SAP systems largely represent business critical functions and therefore, any change, especially a fundamental one, poses a significant amount of risk. Next, transformation projects are not cheap, and there needs to be a definite articulation of and matching to tangible business benefits that would accrue from such a program.


The Key to a Holistic IT Transformation

Our aOneSAP solution provides the industrialized tools and structured approach needed to design an optimal, accelerated and risk-managed SAP transformation program. The approach is business oriented and starts by analyzing current business challenges and potential benefits that would accrue from a simpler, state-of-the-art landscape. This helps put down the rationale for the transformation in an explicit and structured manner, thus facilitating the subsequent investment decisions required. It then plots the transformation along one or more of the following transformation paths:

  • Modernization: Reduce obsolescence and leverage latest innovations from the SAP stable. HANA, S/4HANA, Fiori, all have a multitude of benefits to offer customers, but all require careful analysis to determine the right choice of technology that can add definite value.
  • Consolidation: Reduce complexity and support greater visibility and standardization throughout your organization. Multiple instances not only create artificial barriers that lower efficiency and drive up cost, but also impact the speed with which innovations can be implemented.
  • Harmonization: Create harmonized processes across the entire organization, fostering a truly integrated and synchronized structure. Process harmonization is the primary driver for simplification and helping to create a unified construct that is quick to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.

The end-state, no matter which of the above paths is chosen, to architect the application landscape of tomorrow – a seamlessly integrated, simple and efficient landscape that leverages the latest technology and innovations. aOneSAP empowers organizations to continue their transition into the digital age and leverage latest market trends – be it SMAC, or something new that the future brings – to reach their goals faster and with greater certainty.

A Proven SAP Leader

Our 30+ years of rich, global SAP experience provides us a unique insight into the challenges and solutions around SAP landscape transformations. We have partnered with several global organizations to implement their transformation programs. Through our unique distributed delivery model, we ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time. Our proven tools, methodologies and assets help cut down implementation time and guarantee the right results, and help in significantly reducing the risk associated with such programs. Finally, our deep and vibrant global alliance with SAP, gives us a great insight into the SAP roadmap and strategy and allows us to best adapt these for specific customers situations.

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