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Research study shows the potential impact of technologies on banking group’s business processes over the next ten years

“ Knowing the level of maturity of the technologies and the window of opportunity to apply them can accelerate the transition of the companies from good to excellent ”Beatriz Lara, Director of Strategy and Innovation, BBVA

The Situation

Technological innovation plays a strategic role in the financial services realm, as it is a key factor for achieving a competitive market edge. BBVA is aware of this fact and of how important it is to develop aspects to set it apart from its competitors and foster innovative technological solutions providing value for its customers, employees and shareholders. The bank asked Capgemini for assistance in this area.

The Solution

Technology Radars are one of the most important tools used by the bank’s Technological Monitoring System. BBVA has entrusted Capgemini with developing the methodology and maintaining this technological trend management tool taking in ten fields of knowledge which the bank considers to be strategic for its business. Therefore, nearly 250 high level new generation interface-related concepts and technologies such as biometric recognition, nanotechnology, new information media or Internet technologies were researched.

The Result

The findings of this research were graphically displayed on a set of technology radar screens, allowing the bank to know precisely the degree to which each of these technologies has now come into its own and the potential impact on its business processes over the next ten years. Technology Radars are sensors which detect the points of interest for BBVA on the global technology map, making them living tools for technological exploration.