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The post-pandemic patient is smarter

Engage more intelligently with all healthcare stakeholders

The pandemic forced consumers to update their relationship with health technology. Forty-six percent of consumers are comfortable with the growing use of technology for managing their health and 43 percent trust the use of technology, compared to 38 percent before the pandemic.

As technology becomes part of the healthcare experience, home is the new point of care as consumers increasingly demand digital health and low-touch options. Patients want to use apps, websites, and online forums.

One of the very few positive developments to come from the pandemic is that it cleared some of the traditional stumbling blocks to the delivery of customer-centricity in healthcare and pharma. The result is connected health solutions that enable real-time, at-home disease management.

The new omnichannel environment allows pharmaceutical companies to engage with HCPs and patients in a seamless and personalized way. Pharma companies, however, need to extend their engagement goals beyond marketing, education, and patient support, and explore roles in preventative medicine and the entire continuum of care.

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