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The great GBS pivot – from process excellence to digital value at scale

The future of global business services is data-driven

The old model of global business services (GBS) organizations – focusing on process excellence and transactional efficiency – is evolving into one that provides value-added services with data access and analysis at its core. This trend is accelerating as more companies look to GBS to provide decision-making and breakdown silos between different parts of the business to ensure they get more digital value at scale than ever before.

This shift is leading to a future where the GBS is evolving to become a fully realized center of excellence (CoE) that drives data-driven insights and decision-making, guiding effective allocation and deployment of people, process, and technology.

In this paper by Melissa O’Brien (Executive Research Leader, HFS) and Don Ryan (Chief Strategy Officer, HFS), you will learn:

  • How data improves experiences to drive increased service adoption
  • How service delivery models are evolving to drive cost reduction and scale through technology
  • How a new operating models will drive digitally-enabled, frictionless experiences
  • The steps you can take to implement an effective GBS in the digital age.

While the fundamental nature of GBS is evolving – with technology as the catalyst to frictionless processes at scale – it is data that is critical to success.

Download the full HFS paper here