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Drive business operations transformation by augmenting your workforce

A report on how two of our clients are achieving results through RPA and automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) and the alphabet soup of its extended variants – intelligent automation, intelligent process automation (IPA), and robotic desktop automation (RDA) – drive efficiency in organizations.

The primary aim of any automation program is deriving tangible business benefits. Increasingly, the automation success stories we hear are told by those who ensure that the change is a positive one for the people involved. Placing the priority on augmenting the people already in place might just be the secret sauce for a productive approach to automation that yields results, with machines and humans working in harmony to create a hybrid workforce of the future.

HFS, with support from Capgemini, is exploring the power of the digitally augmented workforce. Two of our large clients that are achieving results with their RPA programs shared their journeys with HFS. This report by Miriam Deasy (Research Director, HFS) draws on the experience of UK-based InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and a European paper manufacturer with automation as our customers. Both enterprises automated processes in their finance and other functions, which included many individual group companies across the globe, each with individual ERP instances.

Here is the recording of the recent Capgemini-HFS webinar hosted by IAOP. During the session, Capgemini and HFS highlighted why organizations should implement a “digitally augmented workforce” to create and operate a scalable hybrid workforce!

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