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Driving Performance in the Digital World Although the a […]

Driving Performance in the Digital World

Although the automotive market is buoyant, retailers, large dealer groups, and distributors have to address a number of disruptive issues that are changing the automotive landscape forever. They need to introduce standard ways of working without losing the local touch and flavor; to find the right balance between selling new and used cars and offering complementary products for clients to consider, such as finance and insurance or accessories; to ensure the online and offline experience combine seamlessly for the end-customer; and to decide how to leverage customer and vehicle data for the benefit of all parties – not least the consumer. These issues affect the way retailers need to work with customers and vehicles, and to use data-driven insights to manage their operations. New business models are emerging, and retailers must act swiftly to prioritize their requirements and implement the right solutions to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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