Connected Service

Activate post-purchase, real-time dialogue about automobile performance and condition with your customers: Connected Service leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to dramatically change the relationship between you and your customers.

New Revenue Models Based on Value-Added Services

Technology has enabled automobile manufacturers to create products with long lifecycles, resulting in greater customer loyalty but fewer opportunities to sell add-on services. And because identifying when replacement parts are needed is difficult to determine, customers often turn to competitors before manufacturers can offer their services.

To capture these opportunities, manufacturers need to better understand their products’ performance and usage so they can:

  • Design relevant services
  • Deliver tailored marketing campaigns
  • Trigger customer interactions

Activate Real-Time Insights in Auto Performance

Powered by Capgemini’s expertise and Service Cloud, Connected Service uses machine sensors, analytic engines and engagement tools to provide real-time insight into automobile performance and condition, and customer behavior. For example, if a product requires a replacement part, sales personnel are prompted to trigger personalized interactions, such as contacting the customer with an offer.


  • Real-time product and customer insights
  • Proactive dialogue that inspires customers to buy more and faster, and tell friends
  • Monitoring for up to 2,000 data points per product, every three seconds
  • Post-purchase engagements

Leveraging the Internet of Things

Our Connected Service solution combines the five IoT technology layers:

  • Acquire and transmit data from the product
  • Aggregate data from multiple products
  • Analyze data
  • Assign the case if the data indicates an issue
  • Report the resolution

We combine all hardware, software and services, in a single contract. We have already deployed the solution at VW and Audi, in addition to most major car companies and German machine manufacturers.

As a Platinum Global Alliance Partner, we have vast experience in applying solutions to meet individual client needs. With more than 300 Digital Customer Experience experts globally, we have the expertise to make your engagement a success.

Contact Jean Lassignardie to learn how Connected Service can propel your business into the future.

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