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Top Trends in Property and Casualty Insurance: 2022

A combination of factors − the pandemic, catastrophic weather events, evolving policyholder expectations, and insurers’ drive for operational efficiency and future relevance − are sparking P&C industry changes.

In a post-COVID, new-normal environment, the most strategic insurers are building resilient, crisis-proof enterprises poised to take advantage of emerging and future business opportunities. They are leveraging advanced data analytics and novel technologies to assure agility and achieve positive revenue and customer satisfaction outcomes. Competitive advantage will hinge on accelerated digitalization and faster go-to-market. Therefore, win-win partnerships and embedded services with InsurTechs and other ecosystem players are critical.

Read Capgemini’s Top P&C Insurance Trends 2022 for a glimpse at the tactical and strategic initiatives carriers are undertaking to boost customer-centricity, product agility, intelligent processes, and an open ecosystem to ensure profitable growth and future readiness.