WOW Podcast #4: How to lead in a digital environment

Due to the current situation we are facing across the globe organizations are forced to move their employees to a digital workspace. This has put a lot of pressure on leaders in adjusting their leadership style to a digital environment.

This week we meet Tuva Palm who has extensive experience in the tech industry working very closely not just with technology but also with senior leadership. In this episode of our podcast, we talk about digital leadership, what it means and how to inspire employees to work towards achieving positive results. Tuva also shares how to foster innovation in these challenging times, how it can support us and how you can create an opportunity out of it. Let’s not forget that these big changes will impact our way of living and we required innovation to support and sustain them.

About the host

The podcast is hosted by our own Fanny Widman, who also runs a famous podcast in Sweden on gender balance called Fannys Förebilder (Fannys Förebilder/Fanny’s role models). Fanny has a background in IT sales and has also studied marketing on IHM Business School in Stockholm. She is passionate about creating conversations that matters and sharing insights that can benefit many!