Process on the Fly

As we all know, a high IQ is not always a recipe for crushing success. In the end, it’s all about execution. Corporate speed depends on the ability to turn insights into action, to quickly respond to events, to overcome business silos, to rapidly change our ways if circumstances so dictate.

This is where process management technologies deliver. Having consistently caught less of the shine than its complementing concept of Thriving on Data (ever heard of “Big Process”?), breakthroughs with intelligent automation and a taste of autonomous decision making have firmly planted Process on the Fly center stage underpinning the latest digital experiences.

As there are many different flavors of process that can be supported and enabled by technology, organizations can apply a range of options to support stable, predictable workflows, automated sequences of user interactions with systems, ad-hoc configurable responses to spontaneous events, and even no processes at all. Delivered as a crucial component of a next-generation Business IT platform, process technologies bring a new pulse to literally any process in the organization.

As a certified silo buster, it bridges gaps between corporate – or inter-corporate – systems without intruding upon them.

As a next-generation solution builder, it’s the glue that binds together microservices and APIs into something that we might have called “applications” in the past.

Combined with AI and cognitive systems, it is making business processes more and more intelligent, help drive decision making to boost corporate performance and creating better places to work.

Not exactly a May fly.