Consumer Engagement


Business is disrupted. Buying behaviors have shifted. Pre-planning is now normal.

Customer behaviors and expectations were already evolving, but ​COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for further change. ​Companies face an imperative to reconnect with individuals in different ways in order to deliver fast growth and rebuild sustainable business excellence.​

We help attract and retain customers in a period of great behavioral change, by leveraging data to increase responsiveness, discover new sources of value, and create new methods of customer engagement.

Re-engaging customers and building loyalty

The need to react quickly and serve customers in better, more innovative ways has never been more pressing. To succeed, brands need to articulate their product and service offerings, availability and fulfillment options clearly, continuously and proactively.

Our approach

We use customer behavior analytics to help you:

  • Develop new offers, and new ways for your customers to access your products
  • Re-engineer your digital customer journey to improve messaging, reduce friction, and build consistency with your brand promise

We deliver rapid, four-to-eight week programmes of multidisciplinary innovation, enabling you to take remedial action or begin channel development initiatives within days of establishing pain points.

Direct-to-consumer and social selling

After the pandemic consumers will spend even less time in physical stores, and more on digital platforms. Organizations need new strategies to attract customers online, leverage the opportunities of social commerce, and reinvigorate the physical shopping experience. They need to re-evaluate wholesale retail relationships, manage logistics and shipping, and collect the right data to enable greater personalization.

Our approach

We will help you:

  • Grow your top line by redefining your brand value proposition, revamp your customer journeys with new selling approaches, and boost conversion using data
  • Refine your bottom line by optimizing supply capabilities to forecast post-COVID-19 demand, optimize shipping costs, and ensure on-time delivery through AI and data
  • Redefine partnerships with retailers to develop new routes to market

We enable you to define a clear D2C strategy and associated roadmap of initiatives; partnering with you to design, test and implement new platform and supply models that you can scale up and refine through ongoing feedback loop mechanisms.

Responsive marketing

Marketing teams will need to leverage data and technology to optimize their marketing strategies, and show stronger ROI with reduced budgets. The ability to measure the performance of campaigns, channels, and initiatives in real time depends on a data-driven and automated approach.

Our approach

We help CMOs and marketing leaders:

  • Access industry-leading capabilities that generate insights into market, category, brand and consumer trends from around the world
  • Develop a data-driven marketing strategy to drive activation across the marketing funnel
  • Build a technology-agnostic perspective on their marketing technology

We help you unlock value, increase ROI and accelerate time to execution, becoming match fit to respond to your consumers’ needs.

Redefining customer service

COVID-19 is accelerating the move towards more flexible, dynamic customer service organizations. Businesses have faced the challenge of moving contact center personnel to homeworking, adjusting KPIs, technology and working practices, and supporting a cultural shift among sometimes hundreds of contact center workers across different locations. Reduced service levels have driven a consumer shift to digital self-service. These changes could permanently reshape consumer engagement. When the pandemic abates, organizations have the opportunity to use the changes to drive greater customer intimacy, meeting increased demand while also controlling costs.

We will help you redefine your customer service commitment and value proposition:

  • Use analytics to assess the performance of your channel mix, and help you evolve those channel capabilities that will drive most benefit
  • Adapt the operating model to provide more flexibility to you and your workforce, and enhance skills to cope with changing customer expectations
  • Expand the adoption of AI, via chatbots and RPA, to automate journeys and processes – improving experiences and optimizing how you work
  • Provide an ongoing continuous improvement capability that recognizes not only the need to address technology trends, but also diverse changes in customer behaviors

We enable you to develop new capabilities, accelerate the cloud and digital shift, and develop employee skills and​ ways of working that benefit your employees, customers and your business.

Launch new businesses

The pandemic is speeding up society’s shift towards digital. Consumers have turned to new technologies on an extraordinary scale. Brands need to evolve in step with demand in order to maintain relevance.

Our approach

By targeting new customers and growth opportunities through design and experimentation we help clients build, launch, and accelerate businesses that match the new world’s expectations. Our approach combines customer-centered product and service design with a lean methodology to get proofs of concept to market at pace.

Our teams bring the pace, attitude and culture of a start-up, alongside the full power of the wider Capgemini Group to drive the development of new beta businesses, the launch of new products and services, and the targeting of new customer segments.

Maintaining brand relevance

As customers’ priorities and behaviors change and new daily norms emerge, many organizations need to evolve their brand purpose. The way we browse, buy and interact has shifted. To remain relevant, brands need to focus on the touchpoints that matter most, and rapidly design and test new solutions.

Our approach

We have developed a fast and human-centered creative approach for a fast changing COVID-19 world. We develop fast and qualitative insights and transform them into creative innovation prototypes ready for testing in collaborative sprint engagements.

We work with you to deliver a digital DNA platform, a brand manifesto, brand architecture, and brand identity that will help you stand apart from, and out in front of your competitors.