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Sibos 2022

Make payments profitable.
Composability for the new reality.

“Progressive Finance for a changing World” was the theme at Sibos 2022, held in Amsterdam and we were glad we could join this conversation. Discussions were centred around digital transformation, navigating new risks, and highlighted the need for RTGS upgrades, Fraud, Core transformation & Cost efficiencies. 

We had some great conversations with our clients and partners on how banks and payment organizations can leverage composable platforms to optimize flexibility and leverage data intelligently for driving profitability and respond rapidly to changing customer expectations.  

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Our speaking sessions at Sibos

Meet the Experts: Delivering Integrated Payments for Small & Medium Businesses to Boost Engagement

With SMBs being the global economic growth engine, it is inevitable for banks to transform and adapt to the constantly changing SMB payments needs. Harmonization of data would act as a critical lever to unlock the future and create an innovative value proposition for seamless payments.

In this exclusive discussion, we explored the key findings from the World Payments Report 2022 and how banks and payment firms can capture the SMB value proposition through a platform strategy and implementing ISO 20022 to enhance their existing capabilities and explore emerging technologies.


Bruno Mellado 
Head of Payments & Collection, BNP Paribas 

Petia Niederländer 
Director of Payments, Risk Monitoring and Financial Literacy, Austrian National Bank (OeNB) 

Adrian Davis 
Global Financial Services & Insurance Lead, Stripe 

Nick Kerigan 
Managing Director, Head of Innovation, SWIFT 

Christophe Vergne 
Cards and Payments Expert, Capgemini 


Kimberley Long 
Asia Editor, The Banker 

SWIFT Agenda – CBDCs: How Could They be Used in International Payments?

Adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) is clearly on the rise. According to the Bank for International Settlements, nine out of 10 central banks are now exploring CBDCs, with nine countries already live. Yet much of the focus to date has been on how CBDCs can achieve domestic policy goals, with less attention on how they could work cross-border. 

In this session, our panel debated how the global community can best ensure interoperability and interlink the numerous domestic CBDCs and payments systems springing up world-wide to enable the new currencies to be used for cross-border payments. We also showcased the results of our recent experiments and the role SWIFT could play in achieving future interoperability. 


Sudhir Pai 
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (CTIO) for the Global Financial Services, Capgemini 

Adeline Bachellerie 
Head of Digital Currency and Innovation, Banque de France

Kaushik Venkatadri 
Sr. Director, Blockchain CoE, Innovation & Technology, RBC 

Lee McNabb 
Payments Strategic Insights Lead, NatWest 


Nick Kerigan 
Managing Director, Head of Innovation, SWIFT 

Exhibitor Stage: Accelerating Payments Modernization with SWIFT Alliance Connect Virtual

With accelerated cloud adoption within the Financial Services Industry, FinTechs, Financial Institutions and established banks look to move SWIFT workloads into the Azure Public Cloud. 

This session covered how Capgemini and Microsoft partner to deliver SWIFT Alliance Connect Virtual solutions that enable Financial Services organizations to modernize their payment infrastructures by rapidly deploying SWIFT connectivity on cloud, substantially reducing TCO and driving innovation for the next generation of payments experiences. 


Jeroen Hölscher 
Head Global Payments & Cards Practice, Capgemini 

Benny Lanoizelé 
Strategic Account Director, Financial Services Industry, Microsoft

Meet our experts

Jeroen Holscher

Expert in Banking, Cash management, Payments

Christophe Vergne

Expert in Cards and Payments

Sudhir Pai

CTIO, Financial Services
Sudhir is the EVP and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (CTIO) for the Global Financial Services business at Capgemini. He is also a thought leader, speaker, blogger and business advisor for the CXO’s in the finance industry.

Rishabh Shah

Head of DLT Capabilities, Financial Services