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Client story

Sogeti Sweden leverage AI to hunt spruce bark beetles

Large forestry areas are destroyed every year by spruce bark beetles. According to the national authority, Swedish Forest Agency, 3–4 million cubic meters of forests in Sweden were destroyed in 2018. Sveaskog, the largest forest owner in Sweden, owning 14% of Swedish forests, have entered into a collaboration with Sogeti Sweden, resulting in a solution to enable them to follow, visualize and prevent the spruce bark beetles to take over more forests. The solution is built on the Sogeti Sweden solution Geo Satellite Intelligence that uses artificial intelligence (AI), satellite images, and advanced algorithms to produce detailed maps that visualizes the progression of the spruce bark beetles in the forest and enable quick management of affected trees.

Sogeti Sweden and Sveaskog hunt spruce bark beetles from space

“Sogeti has been able to point out areas in the forest that are currently under attack and successively point out newly affected areas. We have at multiple occasions been able to verify the accuracy with the help of drones and the identified areas have been 100% accurate. We can now swiftly manage the affected forest areas and reduce the spreading of the spruce bark beetle.”
— Fredrik Klang, Forestry Director at Sveaskog

Sogeti Geo Satellite Intelligence

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