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Client story

Accelerate Data-Driven Marketing Transformations

How can you engage and understand your customers?

Client challenges: A major international consumer goods retailer was looking to connect more closely with its one billion customers though meaningful and relevant dialogue. The goal of the initiative was to launch a Data Incubator in order to start the data driven transformation, and put information and insights at the heart of it all.

Solution: Together with Capgemini Invent, the retailer launched big data analytics POVs to define the needs of the customers. The insights and analytics supported the human decisions to improve desired outcomes, leading to demonstrable business benefits by surfacing opportunity, supporting human creativity, and increasing penetration, effectiveness and revenues.

The company was able to understand a drop in sales, know the reasons for a purchase, collect feedback on new products, and gather strategic insights like consumer trends on packaging, competition, and more.

The retailer was able to further define the target data strategy road map, operating model and IT assets to connect with their customers. Capgemini Invent helped the retailer build an industrial insights factory and data lab for continuous research and development to scale the
initiative as needed.

The global retail goods producer launched the People Data Centre, providing industrialized insights as a service for all the brands & geographies of the Group, in terms of consumer trends, brand & business planning, project planning, and unplanned events. After 2 years, the company had results of:
-10,000+ briefs delivered globally
-€60M attributable savings
-€130M incremental revenues
-100M consumer records
-180+ catalogued global data sources

“The People Data Centre is at heart of our company’s digital transformation. It has revolutionized our ability to communicate to consumers at scale and is giving us unprecedented insights. I see it as a core part of our strategy” – Chief Financial Officer.

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