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Our latest report: World Payments Report 2022

Traditional banks and payment service providers are struggling to provide innovative solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs) ─ a segment worth nearly USD850 billion worldwide. As a result, nearly 90% of SMBs say they are reconsidering their relationships with their incumbent providers, leaving open space for FinTechs and others to gain competitive advantage.

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Wellness-centric strategies can strengthen customer relationships for life and health insurance providers. But to seize the most profitable opportunities, insurers must invest, strategize, prepare, and implement change – all the while competing with a range of players in the marketplace.

Based on customer and executive surveys, this report suggests wealth management firms should focus on emerging client segments to boost productivity and enable customer delight with inclusive client segmentation, targeted acquisition, engagement, and retention initiatives.

As climate change significantly affects individuals and businesses worldwide, the World Property and Casualty Insurance Report 2022 from Capgemini and Efma focuses on how insurers can walk the talk to achieve climate resiliency.

The customer engagement imperative: What banks can learn from the fintech playbook. A rapidly changing market, heightened consumer demands, and a strict regulatory environment impact traditional banking strategies and challenge progress. 

Covid-19 has accelerated the demand for insurance protection, and policy holders are now seeking coverage from non-traditional players such as InsurTechs and BigTechs.

The FinTech industry amidst the black-swan environment is experiencing a shift with investors seeing the upside in matured firms having diversified product portfolio and business models, with strong governance framework.

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