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Podcast: DevOps or ‘NoOps’: Which is the future?

Should companies be preparing to go beyond DevOps and adopt a NoOps methodology?

Technology journalist Charlotte Jee, and Capgemini cloud experts Ben Scowen and Stuart Ball explore the pros and cons of DevOps and NoOps.

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, this episode asks whether DevOps or NoOps is the future of IT operations? Cloud automation and DevOps are already transforming IT for many enterprises. By shifting the work of managing operations to a combined DevOps team and using automation to achieve continuous integration and deployment, companies are making their operations more efficient.

Now, however, some enterprises are taking this concept one step further by completely automating the deployment, monitoring, and management of applications, as well as the underlying infrastructure that supports them. In theory, you could run applications and services without any operations whatsoever. But is that realistic?

Listen to the podcast:

Featured experts

Ben Scowen – xPaaS Business Lead, Capgemini Cloud Platform

Stuart Ball – Vice President, Cloud Infra Services, Capgemini