Point of View

Digital twins for business operations

The application of the digital twin to finance, HR, and supply chain, and its implications for business operations.

Digital twins are quickly becoming established in IoT heavy domains. In manufacturing, for example, they enable planners to gauge the effect of changes in production runs before taking them live on the factory floor. Digital twins can also be used to avoid bottlenecks through problem prediction, increasing efficiency, and reducing downtime.
What is perhaps less obvious are the potential benefits digital twins can bring to the information processing domains of finance and accounting (F&A), human resources (HR), supply chain management (SCM), and customer operations.
In this paper, Lee Beardmore (Chief Innovation Officer and Sustainability Lead, Capgemini’s Business Services) explores the application of digital twins to finance, HR, and supply chain management. It discusses what the implementation of a digital twin can address, what can be achieved, and where this nascent approach is heading.