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What it means to be an Adobe Platinum Partner

Bibhakar Pandey
April 22, 2020

Capgemini was recently made an Adobe Platinum Partner, and this new level of collaboration will bring many benefits to our client. To really connect with customers, brands must anticipate their next step before they take it. This means moving away from simple offers and blanket communications and investing in personalized, relevant digital experiences that are tailored to each customer and delivered at scale.

Today’s personalized marketing era is all about establishing and strengthening buyer relationships. In fact, Capgemini research tells us that 70% of emotionally engaged buyers say they spend up to two times or more on brands they are loyal to. The experience economy is built on strong individual relationships, and it takes a holistic approach to enable these connections to thrive.

These relationships represent a challenge for many organizations, and the solution lies in a different type of connection. As a newly-elevated Platinum Partner in the Adobe Solution Partner Program, Capgemini works with Adobe and organizations around the world to combine the best of strategy, technology, marketing, and support to drive game-changing solutions for our clients.

As part of this elite group of companies recognized by Adobe, we understand that today’s customer-experience puzzle can’t be solved by a single platform. Even today’s most advanced technologies won’t move the needle for your business without the foresight, strategy, and data to drive good decision making. This holistic, long-term approach to building loyalty and growing your business is what makes our partnership with Adobe so powerful.

Capgemini and Adobe at a glance

Capgemini is a global leader when it comes to the size, scale, and scope of our customer-experience expertise. From strategy and design to implementation and optimization, our CX experts across the globe work in unison to drive long-term value and solutions for our clients. Whether we are driving 123% order growth for a global luxury retail brand or transforming an iconic industrial hardware organization into a digital technology leader, our partnership with Adobe creates uniquely valuable solutions for organizations across a wide range of industries.

Within this premier CX team, our award-winning Adobe experts take these solutions a step further. Across Adobe’s products and offerings, our certified experts leverage these tools in creative, exciting ways to drive value for our clients.

Reimagining customer experience. Delivering results

We provide end-to-end marketing strategy, design, and implementation services to support the full suite of an organization’s marketing activities. Across retail, banking, manufacturing, and more, we drive game-changing solutions. Our Adobe experts deliver full-service capabilities across the technology leader’s complete portfolio: Creative, Experience, Commerce, and Document Clouds.

We integrate Adobe’s industry-leading experience platform with our clients’ existing systems and identify ways to connect, manage, and optimize multiple channels used by customers, vendors, suppliers, and other end-users. Ultimately, we help our clients seize control of their brands across these channels to deliver revenue-impacting initiatives.

Capgemini can help no matter what stage you’re at in your brand’s digital-transformation journey. Whether you are planning, designing, enabling, delivering, or measuring your experience, our unique blend of holistic operational capabilities combined with our ability to deliver efficient, effective solutions across the globe enables us to grow your most precious asset: the relationship between you and your customer.