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Intelligent Edge: The new reality

13 Jan 2021

Intelligent Edge computing is the future of network architecture. It will propel organizations beyond the limits of the traditional cloud. Edge can be complex to understand, and many organizations I speak with have asked me how it is different from other data solutions.

The variances are huge – and so are the benefits for businesses that adopt it quickly. 5G and IoT are evolving rapidly and, with them, comes the business case for Edge computing. It is going to have a dramatic impact on all industries, empowering organizations to transform their operations and innovate in never-before-seen ways. 

Decoding Edge computing

Until now, cloud networks have been centralized. Data is collected at the perimeter of the network and sent back to the hub of the cloud for analysis and processing. However, as devices at the end of the network have become more intelligent and capable, Edge computing has become a critical technology. 

By using it, organizations can streamline and optimize data collection, pushing processing functions closer to the end devices, where data is initially gathered and collected. Together with 5G, it is the foundation of data-driven transformation across industries. It will allow the computing of data to be done in the device itself, or via a mass infrastructure that enables many different devices to be connected, and their data processed together, at incredible speed. 

The result for organizations is multifold: improved speed and efficiency, better cybersecurity due to less data movement, lower operational costs, and better customer experience. But this is only just the beginning of what Edge computing can do. It is a radically enabling technology and its applications are limitless – most of them are unimagined yet. As it proliferates, this will be the lever behind more immersive, interactive, and seamless services and experiences. 

Capgemini brings you closer to the edge

Capgemini knows the future of industry is intelligent and at the edge. Our experience in technology consulting and deep engineering expertise means we have a thorough understanding of the technology and how to apply it. We help organizations strategize, build, transform, and deliver business value with Edge computing, through four key steps: 

  • Plan and strategy: The first step is to identify the best use cases for the technology. We help clients identify 5G and Edge opportunities tailored to their specific needs. We also support in defining the business case, building a roadmap for transformation, and ensuring return on investment for use cases and applications.
  • Infrastructure preparation: We help clients navigate the complexity of preparing their network and service platforms for Edge computing end to end. 
  • Orchestration and integration: We help clients to integrate and test their solutions, to guarantee convergence of the network 
  • End-to-end business and operational services: Once rollout has begun, we help clients to continuously transform and optimize the operational processes. Our objective is to  help you build and monetize your applications, make the right investment choices, and critically, activate value on top of your investments.

Edge computing opens up a world of opportunities for organizations; it will catalyze data-driven transformation and propel enterprises forward so that they can reach limitless potential. Its true potential will become clearer the more it is deployed, but companies that adopt Edge early will be in the innovation driving seat.

To find out more about how Capgemini can help you discover the power of Edge computing, get in touch here.