Nolwenn LE STER
9 Nov 2022

Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?

I am leading the Cybersecurity practice in France, bringing together highly qualified experts and a portfolio of services covering all aspects of Cybersecurity. Hence, I am responsible for the quality of deliveries, our financial health, the empowerment of our people, business development, and the Cyber strategy for France.
I am also involved in the board of schools, professional organisations, and start-ups. Therefore, my day is mix of a wide range of interesting topics: from strategy to operation management, from learning & development to recruitment, from business to finance, etc. It includes sharing ideas and translating them into short, medium, and long-term action plans. It also involves working closely with my direct team, collaborating with other cross-functional teams within Capgemini across different geographies and interacting with the Cybersecurity ecosystem (start-ups, partners, clients, etc.) on a regular basis.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

We are unique. We have the means and the power to have a real impact on the maturity of the Cybersecurity landscape of our clients globally and bringing about positive change to the society at large. This is what we call #Cyber4Good.
With our offers and global footprint, we aim to provide a safe future for our clients, helping them innovate and grow more rapidly than ever.
This new dimension, #Cyber4Good, that we are giving to Cybersecurity aims to initiate a virtuous movement so that those who want to give meaning to their actions join us and massively strengthen a sector in need of Cyber talent.
Capgemini provides a plethora of opportunities for personal development, with a focus on talent, innovation, and sustainability. We are proud to have a decade of recognition as one of the world’s most ethical companies by Ethisphere.
I think that Capgemini sees itself as not just a company, but an actor in society whose actions and values can benefit or transform this world.

How are you working towards the future you want?

The #Cyber4Good approach is core to our business strategy and aims to contribute to a better future. #Cyber4good means using Cybersecurity to strengthen trust in our society and the organizations that serve it.
Mobilizing all players in the ecosystem around the common good, putting our Tech culture and our passion for innovation at the service of today’s major challenges, allows us to work to build a trusted digital society, starting now.
With my team, we are convinced that we have a role to play, to ensure that digital stays an opportunity and not a threat to the values that we believe in, e.g., freedom to think, equality between people, etc. The main pillars of this approach are digital inclusion, diversity, innovation, sovereignty, digital sobriety, and data protection. Our teams are encouraged to lead and take part in projects that support the #Cyber4good approach to the business.

What difference does it make to have diversity in the Cyber leadership? (The value of diversity in the Cyber leadership)

Diversity in leadership brings in new ideas, perspective and rich experience which is healthy for the company culture, employees, clients, and partners. Diversity brings in new ways of thinking and promotes innovation, this is important to address the dynamic nature of the Cybersecurity. Diversity also helps develop stronger employer-employee relationship resulting in attracting and retaining talent. Cyber Angels is one such initiative which helps bring diverse and inclusive leadership within Cybersecurity in Capgemini.
Cyber Angels is a global program and include all women working within CIS Cybersecurity. The program offers community connects and resources to skill up and promote women in cybersecurity.

What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini Cybersecurity?

Do not be shy. Take time to meet people, understand their jobs and roles, and share your vision and suggestions. Make the most of the opportunities. Capgemini empowers employees to become future leaders. Be yourself. Get The Future You Want.

<strong>Nolwenn Le Ster</strong>

Nolwenn Le Ster

Head of Cybersecurity Practice, Capgemini France