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Capgemini’s CARE – the key to customer experience excellence


Every night the last three words out of my mouth are: “Hey Google, goodnight!” Lights all go off. Security system is set to “armed.” The thermostat drops 2 degrees. And my device responds with: “What time should I set the alarm, Scott? You have a meeting at 7 AM.” I respond with “6,” and Google confirms my alarm time.

What used to take a walk through of the entire house and touching a minimum of four devices – if I only had one lamp on – has been boiled down to three spoken words and a number. How convenient, intelligent, and easily accessible is that?

It’s just this convenience, intelligence, and accessibility that’s the cornerstone of today’s best-in-class contact center. But how do you achieve this success?

Capgemini and Efma’s 2021 World Insurance Report calls it the CARE Equation approach (where CARE is an acronym for Convenience, Advice and REach), which is at the heart of designing and deploying a connected healthcare ecosystem, enabling you to create ever more agile and seamless connections with your end-customers.

  • Convenience – make it easy by solving your patient and member challenges with speed and ease, and enabling them to interact via any channel on their own terms
  • Advice – make it intelligent through predicting your patient and member needs, suggesting relevant solutions through AI-enabled self service, and improving your customer experience through leveraging analytical data and real-time customer feedback
  • Reach – make it cloud based by enabling interactions and transactions from any device, 24/7/365, and adding new functionality rapidly.

My head hits the pillow… Google plays some relaxing sounds that help me off to dream land. If only waking up could be available to me on my terms!

If you’d like to learn how Capgemini’s Digital Customer Operations for Healthcare  solution leverages the CARE approach to drive frictionless patient and member experiences across the healthcare ecosystem, feel free to contact me:

Scott Manghillis helps clients transform their technology into digital, omnichannel, personalized solutions.