Asset management

Disruptive innovation has become a powerful differentiator for asset management firms. Regulatory mandates and the demand for data-driven insights create a need for enhanced data management and analytics.

We help asset management firms harness their data capital and unlock new opportunities to enable profitable, sustainable growth.

Innovative applications using emerging technologies such as cognitive computing, machine-learning, and AI are now moving beyond marketing analytics, and towards more strategic functions. We are helping our asset management clients adopt these approaches to create compelling customer propositions.

AWS re-Invent 2021

World Wealth Report 2022

Customer-first strategy, putting the client at the heart of wealth management.

What we do

From invent to implement, Capgemini has global strengths in end-to-end investment platform support.

We have partnerships with industry-leading platforms, including MUREX, Calypso, and Fenergo.

We are also helping our clients assess and explore a range of innovative blockchain-based solutions.

A 360° client view can help you turn compliance issues and lockdown disruption into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

Powered with data analytics and customer engagement tools, we help clients create a 360° client view on any platform to deliver a seamless customer experience, and enable advisors to employ best-case strategies

Meet our experts

René Damgaard

Director Industries & Financial Services
René Damgaard is an experiened director with more than 20 years of experience working in the financial information technology and services sector, and spearheads our engagements with some of our largest clients in Denmark. René is also a member of the Danish Senior Management Team and oversees the industries and financial services sectors.

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