Simplifying innovation and crafting the enterprise of the future

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Learn how Capgemini’s SAP Centre of Excellence converges strategy, innovation, and visualization to make the most out of SAP Leonardo & your Digital Transformation journey.

I recently opened one of my innovation and strategy sessions with a quote attributed to Sun Tzu: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” The identification of innovation and its visualization to a concrete result is much the same.

In my last blog post on building your strategy for an SAP Leonardo innovation portfolio, I outlined the first three steps of your intelligent enterprise journey and summarized on how to visualize such strategies. Moving from advice and talk from 30,000 feet above ground – what can really be done? In this post, I will share how we visualized our portfolio at the Capgemini European SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) and then move on to open innovation with SAP® Leonardo®.

By using design thinking, the Capgemini European SAP CoE reshaped the existing portfolio offerings for 2018 with the elements of SAP Leonardo, SAP Cloud Platform®, and SAP S/4HANA®. The idea was simplicity around the digital core and ensuring that all our offerings lead to the creation of an intelligent enterprise.

SAPLeonardo Innovation Strategy
Visualizing the SAP Leonardo Portfolio Strategy

SAP’s massive investments in building the SAP Leonardo platform with AI/ML, IoT, big data, etc., meant that along with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Leonardo would remain the critical component to success in the new digital world. Leading in this space meant being agile and rapidly translating innovations in applied business cases and this is key for any leadership team.  As a consequence, we brought together our assets and reconfigured our internal structures. Strong skills, business understanding, and agile governance and methods meant that we could identify new innovative business cases – quite like Lego® blocks!

It is one thing to identify something, but building it is another story. We brought together our assets and talent from within and outside Capgemini. But to build and engage with customers on the innovation business value, we needed something else. That came in the form of SAP Leonardo and the Capgemini Innovation Centers, along with a redefined go-to-market strategy with the “Innovation Day” concept. Within weeks, the Capgemini SAP Innovation Center team built over 15 innovative use cases with several offer leads by mixing the concept of IBP Supply Chain with IoT and the Highway to S/4HANA offerings as one example. The new innovation use-cases, along with the design thinking method (explore phase), ensured that clients spent a few hours at our innovation centers and could already zero in on the key topics driving their business agenda.

We divided the transformation to the intelligent enterprise journey into three different categories: industry/sectorial, market unit/technological, and purely client-centric (for obvious reasons we removed all logos here). Building the blocks rapidly helped create generic, reusable, as well as very specific solutions. The intelligent enterprise comes from exploiting the value of SAP Leonardo (artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, etc.) and also from an extended cloud ecosystem (SAP SaaS solutions and non-SAP services) supported by the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) as an integration platform.

As you‘ll notice, this is a fun exercise to carry out with your team and leadership, and that‘s why in 2019 we‘ve already begun version 2.0. I began this blog series with the message of simplification, and would again emphasize this as the starting point before you take the three-step strategy to ultimately visualizing your innovation portfolio. To learn more on the SAP CoE or start innovating with us, please contact Valery Smague or me, and we can collaborate!

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