Financial Crime Compliance and Risk Management

Regulatory compliance has always been a critical requirement for banks and financial institutions. But in today’s rapidly evolving landscape and digital-first world, organizations don’t simply need to comply – they need to stay ahead of the curve.

For most financial organizations, regulatory compliance continues to be a complex, inefficient, and costly process. With the right strategy and processes, companies can enhance the productivity of their compliance process and effectively save untold millions in avoided sanctions, fines, enforcement actions and remediation costs.

As regulations and data continue to grow in volume and complexity, compliance teams need scalable solutions to evolve with the needs of their organization. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI), when incorporated within current practices, can help firms eliminate errors, improve cost-efficiencies, and optimize resources. Meanwhile, carefully calibrated risk models can improve customer experience, creating a swift and seamless onboarding process for low-risk customers, while enabling teams to focus on those cases that require a closer look.

Capgemini’s approach to risk management arms compliance teams with the regulatory expertise, technology, and industry insights to streamline their anti-financial crime programs while boosting customer experience.

Be at the forefront of KYC transformation

Accelerate your journey to perpetual KYC with a partnership-led sandbox.

What we do

Enabling continuous monitoring, assessment and real-time response through pKYC.

pKYC represents the new industry standard of KYC, making once static processes fully dynamic and adaptive.

Through the integration of advanced data capabilities, pKYC enables continuous, trigger-based risk monitoring of all customers. With this enhanced functionality, financial institutions can respond to events and behavior changes in real-time – allowing organizations to recognize and react to suspicious activity the moment it occurs.

Capgemini’s pKYC offer includes:

Data aggregation

  • Pre-built integrations from hundreds of primary and premium data products covering even more jurisdictions, from corporate registries to stock exchange listings.

Digital KYC profile

  • A digital profile for each customer with current data built into a platform used by AI models, allowing for omnichannel engagement between banks and customers in real time.

UBO identification

  • Automatically search external data sources, minimizing client outreach and establishing ownership as well as control structures with diagrams to help teams visualize insights.

Data management

  • Reduces time lag between KYC review and potential risk exposure of undetected and uninvestigated changes which maintains ongoing compliance.

Automated record-keeping

  • Maintain accurate customer and counterparty records through an integrated workflow.
  • Reduction of false positives and due diligence review backlogs.
  • Permit automated performance of repetitive, routine tasks, freeing up time of analysts.

Audit trail

  • Automated service that creates and maintains a dynamic audit trail, removing unnecessary due diligence and prioritizing investigation workflow provided by KYC analysts.

We partner with RegTech leaders such as Encompass Corporation, Quantexa and WorkFusion to help you through their AML/KYC transformation journey.

Delivering end-to-end compliance solutions across the Financial Crime Compliance lifecycle.

In an ever-evolving landscape, institutions can struggle to deal with the volume and surges in transactions, especially when coupled with the intricate demands of financial crime compliance.

By implementing the right end-to-end solutions across the FCC lifecycle, support comes from data-driven decisioning; acceleration via technology-enabled workflows; the establishment of centers of excellence; and collaboration with experienced subject matter experts.

Capgemini’s FCC Managed Services offer includes:

Transaction monitoring

  • Handling transaction monitoring alert reviews
  • Overseeing case escalations
  • Writing suspicious activity reports seamlessly

Due diligence

  • Counterparty due diligence
  • Third-party due diligence
  • End-to-end program management services


  • We conduct daily sanctions and watchlist screenings for SWIFT messages, politically exposed person checks, negative news, and manage alert clearings.
Addressing gaps in program design with an analytics-led approach.

Thanks to cognitive computing and machine learning, financial institutions can benefit from new, technology-backed solutions in anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, corruption, and sanctions risk management.

We help firms identify the risks and assess FCC control weaknesses, enabling them in evaluating controls, designing monitoring programs, and ensuring compliance across all defense lines.

Capgemini’s FCC advisory offer includes:

Compliance audit, assurance, and testing

  • We design, implement, and execute FCC audit and assurance programs in line with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Compliance program design, reviewing, and testing

  • Conducting program reviews against industry standards and regulatory expectations
  • Designing and implementing FCC control improvements per regulatory requirements.

Risk and gap assessments

  • Reviewing, designing, and enhancing enterprise risk assessment processes

Independent monitorships and FCA skilled person reviews

  • Serve as a trusted partner to clients who are the subject of regulatory monitorships or self-appointed by companies on a proactive basis.


  • Uplift of KYC file completeness and accuracy to bring into compliance with global regulations

Compliance analytics/ technology assessments

  • Identify, analyze and solve complex data and technology challenges covering to FCC models and screening and transaction monitoring systems.

Compliance technology integration

  • Implementation and testing of technology to support compliance business processes
Ensuring risk models meet regulatory standards and are optimized for mitigating financial crime and fraud.

In a world with evolving financial regulations, there is a growing need for addressing compliance standards, such as BSA/AML and OFAC.

By introducing advanced model validation services and focusing on meeting standards, companies become better placed to streamline model outputs and thus highlight suspicious activities while minimizing false positives.

Capgemini’s compliance & risk analytics offer includes:

Compliance Technology Testing

  • We perform system evaluation, modeling, validation, testing and tuning for transaction monitoring models
  • Screening systems review
  • Customer Risk Rating Model review and stress testing
  • NY DFS Part 504 compliance assessments
  • Independent transaction monitoring functional testing and scenario replication
  • Above-the-line and below-the-line testing

Compliance Control Framework Analytics

  • Complete data driven assessment of control frameworks
  • Coverage gap assessment
  • Model governance and conceptual soundness review
  • Management Information analysis and optimization

Transactional Analytics

  • Deep wealth of experience analyzing cross-border, correspondent, securities and retail transactional activity
  • SWIFT message analysis and Tag 70/72 unstructured analysis

Data Testing

  • Data governance review
  • Identification of Critical Data Elements
  • Data quality testing
  • End-to-end data lineage testing

Awards and recognition

Leader and star performer in risk and compliance

Capgemini awarded leadership rating in Everest Group’s BFS IT Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

Meet our experts

Manish Chopra

Executive Vice President, Financial Services
Global Leader helping clients drive Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance & Financial Crime Risk Management Strategies & Execution

Samar Pratt

Global Head, Financial Crime Compliance Advisory
Samar is the global head of Capgemini’s FCC advisory business and helps clients enhance their FCC control frameworks through advice and tech enabled solutions across the three lines of defence. She has led several high-profile monitorships on behalf of the U.S and UK regulatory authorities including the US Department of Justice.

Michael Roe

Americas Regional Lead, Financial Crime Compliance Advisory
Michael leads the Americas FCC advisory business for Capgemini. An industry veteran in anti-money laundering and sanctions screening, he has been engaged in high-profile monitorships and sanctions compliance programs of global financial institutions.

Brett Hames

EMEA Regional Lead, Financial Crime Compliance Advisory
Brett leads the EMEA FCC advisory business for Capgemini. He has a rich experience in anti-financial crime compliance, business intelligence and fraud risk advisory, which includes building global business intelligence functions at major financial institutions.

Supriyo Guha

Senior Director, Financial Crime ComplianceCapgemini
Supriyo is the practice lead for financial crime compliance at Capgemini. He leads strategic industry-first initiatives to help clients transform their anti-financial crime functions and heads Go-to-market for Capgemini’s marquee FCC clients.

Jeffrey F. Ingber

Senior Advisory Consultant, Risk and Financial Crime Compliance
A former ex-Senior Fed Official, Jeff runs Capgemini #RegDesk that helps clients stay abreast of developments in the FCC landscape and demystifies complex regulations into clear actionable insights. He provides a rage of advisory services to clients across the FCC lifecycle and helps them tackle the ever-changing global risk landscape.

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