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Intelligent products and services

New value creation is emerging from smart products and service innovation across every industry. It is forcing companies to change the way they define, make, distribute, and support products.

As a leader in sustainable breakthrough innovation we work with clients to co-create next generation products, services and business models that delight customers and disrupt markets.

Making the leap towards more intelligent products and services requires companies to transform and innovate by fusing strategy, design, technology, engineering, data science, and operational excellence.

From idea to implementation, we can kick start value realization and mature existing solutions for scale, at any stage of your connected transformation journey.

The growing convergence of products, software, and services holds the key to the next big transformation opportunity for organizations across industries

William Rozé – CEO Capgemini Engineering

    Intelligent products/services

    New products. New experiences. New business models. New revenue streams.

    Capgemini Invent

    Software driven transformation

    A software-driven transformation is redefining the global automotive industry.

    Capgemini Engineering

    Software as a Medical Device

    Digital Health is a rapidly growing market driven by a need for more efficient and cost-effective healthcare.

    Capgemini Engineering

    Software Product Engineering

    Reinvent your products and services to become more relevant in our cloud-first, digitally-connected and always-on world.

    Capgemini Engineering

    Intelligent Cockpit

    Solutions dedicated to next-gen Cockpit, providing knowledge and assets to accelerate the Intelligent Cockpit journey.

    Capgemini Engineering

      What we do

      If you are starting fresh or stress testing an existing strategy, we help disrupt markets, define playing fields, and create plans to seize opportunities.

      We help you identify your next growth market, exploiting opportunities enabled through connectivity, data, product to service shifts, and new business models. Through our global innovation network, comprised of strategists, design studios, technologists, and product development labs, we collaborate with clients to define their futures.

      We leverage field-proven methodologies to assess your strategic challenges, including:

      • Market analysis, customer research and segmentation, and portfolio strategy
      • Use case identification and prioritization and business case creation
      • Strategic gameboarding and roadmap development
      • Innovation strategy and breakthrough R&D
      • Data, digital ecosystem and partnership strategy
      Transforming from a traditional product company to a digital one requires new organizational capabilities, processes, operating models and organizational structures, technology platforms and cultural change.

      We support you in transforming your organization and operating model to embrace the shift to new software and service-based businesses, helping to ensure the necessary structures are in place to deliver business and customer value and optimize cost and operations from intelligent services.

      Our offering helps clients with:

      • Organization and governance
      • Operating model and business architecture
      • Process definition and transformation
      • Change management and roll out
      • Digital maturity, skills and capability assessment
      • Engineering optimization
      • Application of new technologies and automation to transform product lifecycle from engineering through manufacturing and go-to-market
      To differentiate in the market, companies must deliver bold, inventive, and impactful customer experiences, fully harnessing the power of digital technologies, data, and the broader ecosystem

      Through rapid prototyping and consumer and market testing, we support you with product-to-service design and new business models innovations.

      We engage with you to define bold new experiences and shape value propositions and business cases. Keeping the customer need in mind, we work collaboratively to design, build, and launch new intelligent products and services.

      We bring a full stack of capabilities across design, hardware, software, data, and connectivity.

      We apply best-in-class expertise and accelerators to support you in:

      • User research and experience design
      • Brand, pricing, business model and data monetization strategy
      • Connected device and service design
      • Data-driven R&D and innovation
      • Products and systems intelligent engineering
      • Software and platform engineering
      • Intelligent testing
      Capturing new digital value requires companies to move from proofs of concept and prototypes to large-scale deployment sustainably and at unprecedented speed.

      We can help you scale all facets of your connected business from product engineering to services delivery, and the technology systems and platforms that support the end-to-end value chain. We focus on efficiency, reliability, security, sustainability and flexibility for continuous innovation and integration with the broader ecosystem.

      We do this through:

      • Building secure and tested SaaS/PaaS platforms
      • Standing up Cloud and Edge environments and ecosystems
      • Enabling back-end integration and API enablement
      • Enabling connectivity and supporting advanced edge and cloud compute
      • Supporting go to market strategy, partner selection, pricing and bundling
      • Optimizing process and solutions performance, efficiency, resiliency and security
      Once on the market, an intelligent portfolio will require sophisticated operations and maintenance expertise to enable insight-driven continuous improvement.

      We can run your platforms and systems, providing continuous innovation and product support, leveraging our on-shore, nearshore and offshore capabilities.

      Our teams develop roadmaps and GTM plans to ensure value realization at each step. By leveraging the power of AI we extract insights from the field, helping our clients better understand their customers, stakeholders and ecosystem in real-time.

      We enable continuous innovation and scale through:

      • Intelligent product and services support
      • Product and portfolio management, monitoring and upgrade
      • Insight-driven operations for improved efficiency and better customer experience
      • Continuous feature development and acceleration

      Client story

      Meet our experts

      Lisa Mitnick

      Executive Vice President, Capgemini Invent
      A hands-on digital leader and entrepreneur, Lisa Mitnick has more than 20 years’ experience delivering business success with deep knowledge in strategy, product management, cutting-edge technology services and business development. With industry expertise in communications, media, technology, health and government/public sector, she has harnessed the power of technology to transform services and improve client and customer experiences.