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Join us at MWC 2023!

Create your story for a connected future

The future belongs to organizations that successfully leverage an interconnected tapestry of innovations.

Join us at Mobile World Congress 2023 and explore what happens when powerful new technologies connect. As a partner in business-tech transformation, Capgemini helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) and all connected industries anticipate future trends and build a comprehensive set of capabilities in support of your goals.

Visit our booth in Hall 2 where we’ll demonstrate the value created by 5G, metaverse, data, analytics and AI. We see the Telecoms industry taking on a far greater role in the coming years, as a central enabler of future technologies. See a selection come to life through use cases for networks, sustainability, automotive and public services.

MWC Barcelona, Fira Gran Via
27 February – 2 March
Booth #2B90, Hall 2

Join us in Barcelona for the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event. We look forward to meeting you. Above all, we look forward to creating the future with you.

Explore our themes

Future of Connected Reality

Weaving today’s trends into a vision for the future

The future is connected, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in the case of connected reality, including metaverse technology and other immersive experiences.

What we’re witnessing is the coming together of the physical and digital world. This requires connectivity on a level never before seen. Capgemini is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through advances in dozens of directions.

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Ensconce as Metaverse platform: Capgemini Edge Compute platform is the new home to metaverse applications handling orchestration, life cycle management, data and decisions at the edge, making on-premise or cloud deployments agnostic to the applications.

Turbines in a wind farm have sensors to monitor their operation (vibrations, temperature increase, etc.). When an abnormal operation condition is detected the wind turbine automatically sends an alert to the Control Center.

Operators remotely check the wind turbine status and decide to perform a visual inspection with two mobile robotic platforms. Using virtual reality, two operators immerse themselves in the robots and remotely direct them towards the wind turbine. Just in-place, they carry out a visual inspection from different perspectives using thermographic, 360º and HD cameras.

After identifying the problem, the operators stop the wind turbine and send a maintenance order.

Future of Networks

Next-generation networks – the spark of intelligence

Capgemini and its partners are paving the way to a future where high-performance connectivity can be accessed anywhere in the world, delivering resilient services for the most complex use cases.

We believe that the future of networks is open-sourced and automated, and we lead in end-to-end Open RAN, automation, digital twins and AI-enhanced network deployment and testing capabilities.

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Capgemini’s advanced network automation is an open-source based approach to enable deployment of virtualized and containerized network functions, as well as testing in an isolated way and combining with other network functions.

The main use case addresses 5G network functions and ORAN deployed over private, public and hybrid networks. 

Capgemini’s multi-vendor slicing solution is based on real-life scenarios which CSPs experience day-in and day-out. This demonstration combines the capabilities of both public cloud and on-premise implementation. The solution brings in end-to-end slice automation and proves that network as a service is a technology ready for adoption.
This is conducted with real devices with no simulators involved and showcases the complex shared network slicing automation

Breakthrough technology and real-world projects from Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini Invent, that are creating a future where high-performance connectivity can be accessed anywhere and delivering resilient services for the most complex use cases.

We provide Licensable Software Frameworks and solutions to accelerate time-to-market for new intelligent 5G services with AI, ML, RAN automation solutions and building blocks for open networks.

Demand for new towers and tenancies is high – powered by the need of connectivity everywhere, densification challenges and ever-growing data demands. With increased competition, new market entrants related to 5G, and shared tower models, pressure on prices and service levels are predicted to increase. TowerCos must address operational efficiencies in their strategies and face challenges head-on to maximize monetization of the assets and capitalize on new revenue growth opportunities.

AI & Sustainability

Leveraging AI to weave sustainability into every goal

AI is one of the strongest tools we have to decarbonize our industries and infrastructures in time to achieve our net-zero ambitions, while also satisfying customers’ quality of service needs and shareholders’ ever-increasing demands for efficiency.

Intelligent automation is key for the success of future networks, and AI is the engine behind today’s automation solutions. For its ability to anticipate network load to its use in intermittent sleeping for network components, AI is pushing the limits of efficiency. Learn how AI can drive sustainable automation within your networks and operations.

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Intelligent automation is key for the success of future networks. For reaching net zero goals, satisfying customers’ quality of service needs, and for shareholders’ ever-increasing demands for efficiency. AI is not what it was just a year ago. Learn how AI can drive sustainable automation within your networks and operations.

Immersive technology and complex industrial applications are transforming the requirements on networks. Automation is needed to deliver higher performance services to:

  • Serve many new use-cases and many different terminal types
  • Greater network utilisation, more efficient use of spectrum, reduce costs and energy use
  • Ease the management of complex O-RAN network.

5G Connected World

The fabric of the future

The future is connected, and the key to that connection is 5G. Capgemini engineers are expanding the limits of 5G in multiple areas, connecting industries with telco at the core.

Over 70% of all 5G-related infrastructure includes code written by Capgemini. And code is just one of many 5G-related capabilities we offer.

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The 5G Private Network solution supports an Integrated Autonomous Crane System (IACS) Use case for Intelligent Industries including factories, ports, and logistics.

The E2E solution was developed in partnership with Qualcomm and the POC was demonstrated and validated in the Schneider Lab in Q4 2022 in Grenoble for the management and development of hoist and crane systems.

The solution 24x7x365 5G security monitoring services delivered through our Global Delivery Center prepares 5G networks to become operations-ready, deploys necessary tools to collect log data, extends our proprietary  use case factory to include the 5G security use cases, trains SOC analysts to identify 5G related alerts, and ensures that the new network’s security policies are compliant with the existing IT and OT security policies of the organization.

A unique set of 5G Labs, where we tailor solutions to help our clients achieve their future business ambitions in a sustainable manner through 5G connectivity.  The 5G Network-focus Lab (based in Portugal) with capabilities in network-technology, platforms, and integration services driven. The 5G Industry-focus Labs (based in France, India and newly opened in the US)  targeting Industry verticals, focusing on use case development and ecosystem orchestration.

Public safety mission-critical communications are at a turning point around the globe, and they are progressively migrating from legacy technologies to 4G/5G solutions to support advanced multimedia & data services enabled by mobile broadband (including video, geolocation & IoT services) to increase situational awareness and operational efficiency.

Remotis: This remote intelligent autonomous transport system is a real-time self-driving prototype managed by a remote server through 5G communication. Remotis is a disruptive concept for connected vehicles which makes possible the demonstration of new distributed and collaborative services and functions based on 5G technologies.

5G Open Road Project: One of the largest live European programs supporting connected / automated vehicles on roads open to traffic for smart cities connected with 5G. A unique ecosystem of 16 public, academics and private actors (supported by Bouygues Telecom CSP and Nokia NEP) which will run tests in Paris area until September 2024

AD Shorty: This miniature autonomous vehicle developed by Capgemini Engineering consists in developing a self-driving prototype with sensor fusion and V2X integration. The use case is able to access hard-to-reach areas with data offloading for domain specific processing, while using automotive industry scaled-down perception sensors

Ideate Your Story

From vision to outcomes in a connected future

As connectivity demand grows across industries, technologies evolve, consumer expectations change, new entrants disrupt, and sustainability ambitions become core, investing in more of the same just won’t work. It’s time for telcos to challenge the status quo and rewrite their story.

Engage with our experts in our ideation zone to reimagine your future. Explore bold new strategies and business models, orchestrate immersive experiences, leverage value from new technologies, and turn ambition into action for net-zero goals.

Discover how to grow beyond the core and kickstart your transformation journey customized to your specific needs.

Re-think telco’s role, capabilities, value proposition and business model in a 5G connected world.

Deliver immersive digital experiences and transform to a data-driven enterprise by unlocking the full value of digitalization and transforming into a Digital Service Provider.

Leverage new radio and core technologies for new innovation and operations excellence through network elastic services & network exposure.

Turn ambition into action in pursuit of net-zero goals and reduce carbon footprint in operations & services

Explore further with our research: Networks on cloud: A clear advantage

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