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Young professionals, graduates and students


Looking for a fast-paced, people-centric, and purpose-driven team to kickstart your future? Welcome to Capgemini Invent.

Want to support the world’s leading retailers, tech players, and telecommunication providers in becoming leaders in digital transformation? Enable healthcare providers, public-sector organizations, and non-profits to make an even greater impact on society through the power of innovation? Help automotive firms, financial service providers, and energy corporations define their way forward in terms of customer centricity, sustainability, and entire new business models?

At Capgemini Invent, we do exactly that – and we invite you to join us on this mission.

Case interviews are designed to help us assess your critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and communication style in the context of a client situation. The case is presented as a real-time scenario between a client and consultant. The client (interviewer) prompts and provides the consultant (interviewee) with the scenario and information needed to solve an issue. The consultant then decides how to approach the problem. We are assessing candidates for skills* such as:
–        Structured problem solving
–        Quantitative and qualitative analysis
–        Communication and conveying ideas effectively
–        Thinking and presenting under pressure
–        Thinking holistically, including identifying risks and mitigation tactics.
The interview is guided and lasts approximately 45 minutes. The candidate will solve a business problem in real time. We strongly encourage all candidates to practice case interviewing prior to the interview, to ensure you are properly prepared.
*Note: Not exhaustive

An automotive client wants to understand what they should do as a business with respect to electric and self-driving vehicles. The client wants your recommendation on their future in these markets, including:

  • What is the market size opportunity in North America?
  • How might they position themselves compared to others in the industry?
  • What value will they bring to customers?
  • Who should the company target as customers and how would you go about finding this information?

  • Take your time, don’t rush it, when composing your thoughts
  • Understand the question, ask for clarification as needed
  • Take notes throughout the case exercise
  • Summarize specific issues and findings
  • State your recommendations
  • Outline next steps and expected results/impact

Good luck, and see you in the case interview!

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Life at Capgemini Invent is shaped by the diverse change makers that form our team. We bring together all kinds of different backgrounds and believe that this diversity not only is the key to success today but also constitutes the basis of our team culture.

Joining us means joining a community that appreciates you for who you are – and at the same time encourages you to be who you want to be, putting your development at the heart.

Whatever you are passionate about, within our community of more than 10,000 innovators, you will find the perfect environment for you to kickstart your career, challenge yourself to keep on growing, and deliver the kind of impact that we strive to create for our clients, for ourselves, and for society as a whole.

Upon joining us, you become part of this mission – and you will be getting the future you want from day one.

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    At the core of the impact that we create as a team is the outstanding mix of different backgrounds, skills, and ways of creating value that we bring together.

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