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Ethical AI

Our ethical culture drives our vision of AI, guided notably by 5 of our core Values: Honesty, Trust, Boldness, Freedom, and Modesty.

Why did we build a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

At Capgemini, our ethical culture drives our vision of AI. As a leader in digital transformation, we are committed to the adoption of AI in a way that delivers clear benefits from it within a trusted framework, by building a Code of Ethics for AI.

What is in Our Code of Ethics for AI?

Our Code of Ethics for AI guides us on how to embed ethical thinking in our AI related work. It includes concrete examples from projects we deliver and is intended to launch ethical discussions within the company, with our clients and stakeholders.

Our Code addresses both the intended purpose of the AI solution and the way we embed ethics in the design and delivery of AI solutions and services to our clients.

If you have any questions or feedback about the code, please email us at

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