Insight-driven Transformation

Leveraging data for genuine business change is hard

Many companies are seeing interesting results from their investment in data and insights, but few are obtaining all the business value that they hoped for. Nor are most organizations realizing the potential of data to confer business advantage. Yet increasingly top businesses are becoming “data businesses”: that is, data is the main way they differentiate themselves from competitors and they are finding ways to monetize their data in a way that was never possible before.

What’s preventing companies from making the most of their data?

Often, the main obstacle is that companies are starting from the data – they build data lakes for example and then look for insights – instead of starting from a business problem and then assembling the data needed to answer it. Another obstacle is that few companies have the resources to stay abreast of today’s rapid developments in analytics technology – or the budget to invest in acquiring and trying the latest tools.

Start with the business need

Realizing the full potential of data, and using it for competitive advantage, depends on the ability to:

  1. Start with the questions that the business needs answered, instead of with the data – something that’s not as easy as it sounds.
  2. Bring large numbers of data sets together as efficiently as possible to enable the targeted analysis required to provide the answers to these questions.
  3. Go through a business transformation process to get full value from the insights discovered.

Capgemini’s approach

Capgemini has developed a methodology to help you quickly acquire all these abilities, so that you can embed insights and data into the business to deliver the value you want. Our approach is to help you define the questions, then build analytics up front, to prove that the answers you need can be delivered – a “proof of value”. This approach de-risks the exercise, because you know from the outset that you’ll deliver real value. It contrasts with the common approach of spending money on proofs of concept that never create enough value.

Delivered as-a-Service

Insight-Driven Transformation is typically delivered as-a-Service, removing the complex data science tasks from your organization, so you can focus on delivering the business benefits.

Why Capgemini?

The approach we’ve just described requires a broad spread of capabilities – top data science expertise and familiarity with the latest analytics tools, but also consulting and change management, and the ability to deliver managed services.

Very few organizations can deliver all of that, and at scale, but Capgemini has repeatedly demonstrated that it can. In addition, we offer resources such as our Applied Innovation Exchange, which can speed up tasks like shaping the initial proof of value and act as a bridge between specialist start-up ecosystem and our customers.

Problems we’ve solved

We invite our clients who are interested in this service to present us with a problem they think is impossible to solve. On such example is Water Leakage Detection. With one client, a water company, we have implemented a solution that addresses the apparently intractable solution of driving down leakage. Our solution has been proven to detect nearly 85% of leaks. Alerts for a leak are raised more than 20 days earlier than the current industry average, with 72% confidence.

Other services in our Optimization Services Catalogue include:

  • Energy Optimization; making real-time changes to reduce energy consumption
  • Debt Optimization; applying complex assurance and debtor profiling to significantly reduce recovery costs
  • Manufacturing Optimization; analytics-based approach delivers cashable outcomes throughout the manufacturing production line Call Centre Compliance; leveraging cognitive tools and powerful machine learning to automate call center compliance across a range of industries
  • Pipe Inspection Optimization; advanced analytics to improve the accuracy of all pipeline distribution networks subject to pig inspection
  • Storm Impact Detection; Detects visual variation in open satellite image data to identify storm damage

Applicable to any large, complex organization

The approach is applicable to a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, telcos and utilities. It’s also relevant to large public sector organizations – any business with large, intellectually-complex data challenges that need better organization of data.

A reusable platform

We’ll work with the technology of your choice or recommend one if you prefer – we often work with IBM tools. We can use any technology that will efficiently pull data in from multiple sources, and allow it to be used to answer multiple questions.

This last point is crucial. Insight-Driven Transformation delivers a problem-agnostic platform that can subsequently be used to answer other pressing questions that your business has. This means you can get more and more value from the platform that we’re already providing.

Please contact us to find out how Insight-Driven Transformation could benefit your business, or to challenge us with some of your “impossible” problems.

Raj Malayathil
Energy & Utilities Lead, Insights & Data, UK

James Forrest 
Head of Energy & Utilities, UK


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