Business Information Management for Media and Entertainment

Companies now have a wide range of data at their disposal. They can see the shows people watch, the movies they download, the music they buy, the videos they play and the social networking sites they visit. The question they face is how to turn this data into actionable intelligence

Helping Media Companies Profit from Digital Content

Capgemini’s Business Information Management solutions for media and entertainment provide new options for managing the decision-making process. As a result, we enable media and entertainment companies to identify:

  • The return on post-production investments
  • Your most valuable customers
  • The optimal timing by channel for releasing a new product
  • Which products can be packaged together for key service offerings

As we work with you to identify and seize opportunities, we can support you beyond digital strategy development in service areas including:

  • Implementation assistance: developing new business processes and technologies to improve efficiency
  • Business process outsourcing: providing higher service levels at lower cost
  • Technology sourcing: delivering systems and application development, management and hosting capabilities

Leveraging Data to Make Better Decisions

Maximizing the benefits of business information management ensures more rapid decision making and selection of strategic investment opportunities. Capgemini helps you capitalize on this information with a consolidated approach across enterprise platforms and tools.

Our first step is to review your digital strategy. We then partner with you to assess each area of digital content services, evaluate the maturity of your company’s capabilities and establish a roadmap to achieving the level of competency needed to succeed in your marketplace.


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