Recovery of transport prices still far away

This report is the 11th edition of the Transport Market Monitor.

Each quarter, a new edition outlines the developments during the past 3 months and reviews additional themes in transportation.

  • The price index decreased by 7.9% in Q1 2012 (index 92.7), compared to the price index in Q4 2011 (index 100.6).
  • Compared to the index level of the previous year, Q1 2011 (index 96.4), the price index decreased by 3.8%. The diesel index increased by 2.9% in Q1 2012, compared to Q4 2011. This increase, however, did not cause transport prices to rise.
  • Another factor with a high impact on transport prices is the capacity index, which increased by 41.5% in Q1 2012 (index 120.1), compared to Q4 2011 (index 84.9).
  • The price decrease in Q1 fits the pattern of the price index in previous years. The effect is relatively strong this year, caused by decreasing economic activity and an uncertain outlook for the near future.
  • The development of the price and capacity index over the next two quarters is likely to be influenced by the development of the economic situation in both Europe and the USA. The current uncertainty causes hesitant and nervous behaviour throughout the industry. On the other hand, the oil price which causes fuel prices to reach historically high levels will be need to be monitored closely as well.
  • Both market dynamics and the expected cost increase of transportation emphasize the need to monitor transport price developments very closely, to mitigate the risk of any unexpected negative impact on company results.