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Navigating the Aftermarket

Examining the Routes to  Aftersales Value Creation

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the driving force behind the current emission-reducing revolution

But the increased complexity of EVs means a commitment to dedicated aftersales service—including maintenance and repair—is key. Moreover, software-managed, autonomous vehicles have resulted in predictive diagnostics, proactive maintenance, and reduced breakdowns. All this is taking place against a landscape of shifting consumer preferences. It’s the dawn of a new era for mobility, and OEMs must rethink their vehicle experience—or risksunsetting their competitive advantage. The result? OEMs need to be prepared to go the extra mile with their automotive aftermarket services strategy.

To explore these emerging services and gain deeper insights on the evolution of the automotive aftersales market, we surveyed 2,500 customers in five key automotive markets: Germany, US, UK, China, and Sweden. Alongside extensive research and expert interviews, our findings pinpointed five core dynamics that are steering the automotive industry into a new era of aftersales products and services.

automotive aftermarket services
Five core dynamics in the upcoming year

So what is the specific roadmap for OEMs to tackle these challenges? To survive and thrive in the future, OEMs will need to start investing in new, prosperous profit pools. But there are several concrete steps they can take in the here and now to ensure their aftermarket service offerings are built to be adaptable and primed for success.

Discover how to navigate your route to aftersales service value creation

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