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Politie Dutch Police: The Long Arm of the Law

By breaking down barriers and thinking outside of the box with Capgemini Consulting’s RApid INnovation methodology, the Dutch Police has honed its ability to stay ahead of criminal activity.

The Situation

The Dutch Police is a fragmented organization comprising 25 regional police departments, a national operation and the police force’s ICT services organization. This fragmentation, compounded by a mis-alignment of its business and IT strategies, had become a cause for concern, particularly given the rise in technology-related crime. The best hope of targeting this effectively is to remain several steps ahead of the criminals.

The Solution

At a 3-day RApid Innovation (RAIN) Expedition, Capgemini Consulting helped the Dutch Police design an integrated information strategy for the next two to five years. This followed extensive pre-event preparation, including an in-depth analysis by studying a huge amount of fragmented visions, ideas and information and conducting over 35 interviews with chief constables and CIOs of the police departments. This analysis gave insight to the underlying causes of not overcoming “the way things had always been done” and thereby provided buckets of work for the three-day RAIN Expedition. In addition, a preliminary one day Community Event with some 30 experts from both the police and Capgemini Consulting took place, along with a challenging and inspiring 2015 scenario-play, supported by a technology prototype build by the Dutch Rapid Design and Visualization (RDV) team, which ensured that the intense three-day session yielded maximum results.

The Result

From this starting point, Capgemini Consulting was able to work with the Dutch Police to identify key objectives, formulate a long-term information strategy, define a roadmap for realizing this, set in place the transformation from ‘application-based’ thinking to ‘information-based’ thinking, before then aligning and mobilizing a team of committed stakeholders.