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Client Stories

Leveraging data and AI to deliver a memorable vacation experience

For a vacation-experience company, the goal is to keep guests at the center of the vacation and leave them with the trip of a lifetime. From the moment guests book a vacation to the time it ends on the last day, they are the number one priority because happy guests are much more likely to re-book.

The company launched a pilot program to create an intelligent wearable device that personalizes each guest’s experience via mobile apps, kiosks, and in-room televisions.

Capgemini was engaged to develop the wearable device with partners Dynatrace and ServiceNow. The result is a device that is easily deployed to allow for rapid expansion across all the company’s properties.

The wearable device elevates the guest experience, so they can do more of what they love. It also provides valuable real-time analytics to the company, allowing it to learn about preferences, suggest activities based on guest behavior, and review detailed staff notes. The wealth of data helps the company target new prospects and make valuable offers to returning guests.

By being able to spot trends, attract new customers, and anticipate changing needs, the company can continue to deliver the best, personalized vacation experience to each of their guests.