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Tecnología, innovación y proyectos para las operaciones

Anyone involved as an IT practitioner, whether as a CIO, enterprise architect, strategy consultant, engineer or service manager will be fascinated by the pace at which technology is evolving. The fleetingness of technology trends is such that what was a disruptive, digital driver just a few years ago, could now already be considered the new legacy.

For that matter, words such as “disruptive” and “digital” just don’t seem to shine the way they used to. The business and societal landscapes are swarmed by black swans, with unpredictability and extreme volatility as a given, not something remarkable. It only takes a very brief look at the unprecedented way 2020 is developing, to appreciate the full meaning of this. Also, digital technology is now more than ever intimately entwined with business change, to the extent that “Digital Transformation” in a way already is a pleonasm: there is no transformation without digital, so why stating the obvious any longer?


Consequently, we call a business that has achieved full symbiosis with technology, simply, a Technology Business. In order to become – and stay – a Technology Business, an enterprise needs to continuously evolve itself in parallel ways. It must fully understand and embrace technologies that drive desired change. It furthermore should always be tuning its operating model, to ensure business and IT are joined at the hip – not ‘just’ aligned. A Technology Business thus optimally achieves its corporate purpose, thriving on both technology and change making.