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Client Services

El mayor impacto ambiental que podemos tener es a través de los servicios que brindamos a nuestros clientes. Tenemos la ambición de ayudar a nuestros clientes con sus desafíos de sostenibilidad.

Our target is:

Ensuring technology enables a sustainable future

Companies around the world are investing heavily in minimizing their environmental impacts and seeking to be more resource efficient. Increasingly clients are asking us about the carbon impacts of the services we provide, and the potential for technology to help them address their sustainability challenges.

As a responsible business, we want to play a leadership role in ensuring technology creates a sustainable future, particularly enabling our clients to be smarter about their resources in the products and services they create. The ICT sector has the potential to cut 9.7 times more greenhouse gases than it produces and our position as a leading technology services provider working with some of the world’s largest companies puts us in a unique position to leverage all our capabilities, expertise and solutions to help our clients.

Our service and capabilities

We have been building on strong foundations in supporting our clients’ sustainability ambitions.  Recently we have been developing a deeper understanding of the carbon benefits across our services and market sectors. To date, we have identified over 30 service offers that have the potential to support our clients in reducing their environmental impacts; from optimizing the use of existing technology to leveraging data and insights to drive sustainable performance.

In addition, we have a range of environmental sustainability capabilities and tools to supplement our delivery – for example we have developed a carbon calculator tool that give us the ability to measure carbon impacts across a broad range of sectors and services. We work with clients to understand their sustainability agendas and identify how our technology can contribute towards those challenges, working to use technology to reduce carbon emissions, and ultimately working to create sustainable solutions.