Transformación Digital

Duncan Steels

Experto en Digital innovation, Digital operating model, Digital transformation

I help clients advance their business through the application of digital strategies and technologies. This involves both optimizing existing business processes as well as creating entirely new go-to-market strategies and even businesses which were not possible before the advent of Digital.

Duncan Steels

Mi experiencia

Principal | North America Practice, Digital Advisory Services @ Capgemini Consulting


Managing Partner @ Information Technology and Services

03/12/2013 to 03/17/2015

Managing Director @ Information Technology and Services

09/11/2012 to 02/12/2013

Managing Partner @ Consulting Firm

01/06/2004 to 04/17/2012

Senior Vice President @ Banking

01/17/2001 to 12/24/2003

Principal Consultant @ Management Consulting

06/17/1997 to 12/27/2000

Program Manager @ Infrastructure Firm

02/14/1990 to 05/21/1997