Customer Interaction

Friedemann Florey

Experto en Next generation digital solutions

Expert for next generation digital solutions for banks with more then 15 years of project experience. Online-banking, mobile and portal specialist with one mission: find the cool and usable thing which will make the difference between now and tomorrow

Friedemann Florey

Mi experiencia

Senior Business Development Manager @ Capgemini


Geschäftsbereichsmanager @ Capgemini

03/23/2010 to 05/17/2011

Projektleiter @ Capgemini

11/14/2006 to 02/09/2010

Geschäftsbereichsleiter @ Financial Services

01/14/2003 to 10/10/2006

Vorstand @ Software Company

12/05/2000 to 12/24/2002

Abteilungsleiter @ Computer Software

06/05/1996 to 12/19/2000