Application Testing

Increase the quality of your applications whilst reducing costs, saving development time, maximizing your ROI from QA and Testing.

Application Testing to Suit Every Need

Capgemini offers embedded or independent testing, for a single application or your entire IT system. Our spectrum of testing services is based on four cornerstones: lifecycle model, organization, infrastructure and techniques.

This highly automated solution combines your in-house capabilities with our specialized testing expertise to:

  • Ensure the predictability of application performance through the use of Capgemini’s T-Map® industry standard testing methodology
  • Improve time-to-market by following a structured testing process and acquiring specialist testing skills
  • Implement better quality and development timeframes through reusable test cases and automation expertise
  • Lower costs by leveraging economies of scale and skilled low-cost resources
  • Mitigate technical and business risk by our risk-based testing approach
  • Provide a single point of responsibility for testing and governance of changes carried out by individual suppliers to a multi-supplier applications portfolio

Global Testing Center of Excellence

For organizations that could benefit from aggregating testing across multiple business units, or already have a set of testing guidelines and processes, we help you to create a global Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). This allows all applications to follow the same streamlined process, enabling you to maintain high quality.

TMap® and Rightshore® Global Delivery Advantage

Capgemini’s proven testing methodology and framework, TMap®, is a core part of our application testing engagements. TMap® incorporates leading practices and more than 50 templates related to test planning, design, execution, automation and measurement.

Rightshore®, our global delivery model of on-site, onshore, nearshore and offshore resources, ensures you have access to the right application testing services in the right place at the right price.

An International Community of Dedicated Testing Specialists with Excellent Track Record

Over the past 25 years, Capgemini Group has provided application testing services through its team of now over 17,200 testing professionals and a further 14,500 application specialists around the world.

Global industry leaders have depended on Capgemini’s application testing services and business-driven vision to transform their quality assurance practice. We combine deep sector-specific expertise with our own industry-recognized testing frameworks and methodologies. More than any other Testing and QA services provider, we understand and have insight into the latest trends and customer requirements in the industry through our commitment to produce the annual World Quality Report (jointly published with HPE). First published in 2009, the report has established itself as the largest and most comprehensive research study and commentary on enterprise Quality Assurance and Testing worldwide.

A leading US telecommunications company engaged us to conduct end-to-end testing of sales and pricing applications. Our structured approach to functional, regression, data and usability testing resulted in productivity increases of 40% in test case design and 75% in test case execution for the client.


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