Tax and Revenue Management

Minimize the tax gap and improve business effectiveness: Tax and Revenue Management offers innovative and pragmatic solutions for revenue collection and administration.

Providing Key Services in an Uncertain Climate

Keeping pace with frequent legislative and regulatory changes is becoming more and more challenging. As a result, many tax and revenue agencies face ever-increasing expectations from citizens, businesses, elected officials and employees. Stakeholders expect agencies to:
  • Reduce the tax gap
  • Promote employability
  • Integrate modern benefits processes and IT systems
  • Deliver cost-efficient and value-added services

State tax authorities and county or municipal property tax administrators need an innovative and integrated solution that enables them to provide services as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Streamline Tax and Revenue Operations

Tax and Revenue Management provides a tailored suite of solutions designed to meet the unique challenges faced by each particular tax agency in the current environment. Services and solutions include:

  • Trusted advisory services to senior tax and revenue leaders
  • Program Management Office (PMO) support
  • Independent Verification and Validation services
  • Strategic, change and management consultancy
  • Large-scale application lifecycle services
  • Transformational outsourcing


  • Better tax compliance and benefits management
  • Reduced costs and fraud
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Simplified sourcing
  • Shared services implementation
  • Optimized architecture

An Experienced Partner with Critical Know-How

Our work with tax and revenue agencies is truly collaborative and involves a range of different approaches. These include our Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE), a platform for open dialogue and partnership that supports rapid decision-making and solution development. With vast experience working across myriad tax agencies, our team has the expertise needed to drive the transformation of your agency’s operations.


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