Service Lifecycle Management/Smart Service

Following a service maturity assessment, a proven, low-risk approach is utilized to deploy harmonized service processes to accelerate value and provide differentiated service automation through the service value chain from the contact center to supply chain and ERP optimization. Our expertise throughout the service value chain and our proven accelerators helps to speed up implementation and realize measurable business benefits.

Low Risk, Rapid Transformation

Digitization, mobile, and the Internet of Things are disrupting traditional service models. More and more companies are pursuing a digital strategy to provide Smart Services anchored by Smart Products and digitally enabled service staff. The move to service business models (Servitization) has opened opportunities to drive revenue growth, profit margins, and market differentiation.

Proven Methodologies Lower Risk and Time to Value

Smart Service allows for dramatically increased efficiency of service-based operating models. We assess capability through an end-to-end services maturity assessment model that defines four levels of sophistication that are used to develop a tailored plan to move through the maturity continuum.

A Rapid Service Lifecycle Management maturity assessment with sector specific assessment criteria provides clients with a current state assessment in a matter of weeks. That assessment is then used to derive a specific Smart Service implementation plan focusing on the areas with the greatest impact through the services value chain from ERP to front office, customer facing solutions for the contact center and field service automation.

Capgemini has pre-built accelerators for Salesforce Service Cloud, Field Service Lightening and select AppExchange field service tools which rapidly reduce deployment time for these applications.

Why Capgemini?

  • Proven expertise in multiple industry sectors including manufacturing, distribution, life sciences, utilities, and telecommunications
  • Proven end-to-end services methodology with a sector-specific, rapid maturity assessment framework
  • Service accelerators to speed delivery, lower costs and reduce risk of the implementation
  • Expertise in leading services automation tools
  • Focus on organizational change management provides training based on role-specific criteria
  • Independent analyst recognition as “leading CRM integrator” with 8000+ CRM experts
  • Market leader and a cloud visionary to enterprises, enabling two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies with their cloud services requirements.

To learn how to get started with a Service Lifecycle Management Assessment, contact:

Bill Donlan 
Field Service SME and Transformation Services
+1 (954) 647-4135

Adrian Penka
Capgemini Consulting
+1 (404) 285-9907


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