Retail Mix & Match Module (RM3)

Promotions are the beating heart of your retail business. But are yours compelling enough to convert into sales?

Retail Mix & Match Module (RM3) boosts sales by upgrading your promotion capabilities rapidly, without high investments

The Unpredictable Consumer

In the past, consumers blindly followed your brand, but thanks to the internet, they can quickly compare products and prices. As a result, they are more likely to switch from one brand to another.
However, no matter how unpredictable they are, consumers won’t say no to a competitive price. To capture your customers, retail companies need to roll out innovative and irresistible promotions easily and within little time to all their stores and digital channels. This way, consumers will prefer you, and you’ll always be two steps ahead of the competition.

Achieving this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on cost or performance by modifying or investing in new systems. Instead, consider an add-on to your existing promotion software and sales channels.

Upgrade Your Promotion Capabilities to Boost Sales

With RM3, your marketing department can devise any promotion in minutes without costly and time consuming software updates. It processes them on all your existing sales channels efficiently. As RM3 is an add-on, it upgrades your promotion capabilities with a short term return on investment.

Stay Two Steps Ahead of the Competition Today

With RM3 you can create the compelling promotions your customers are waiting for. You can create them within minutes and have them processed on all your sales channels. RM3 goes without major investments and is quickly implemented in your existing landscape. Our retail experts will help you implement RM3 to your current landscape and train your staff quickly and efficiently so that you get the most value out of RM3.


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