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VMware Cloud on AWS

For many organizations in the digital era, a hybrid cloud strategy is the best way to ensure long-term agility, allowing the seamless shift of workloads from one environment to another. To be successful, a strong hybrid cloud-management approach is critical.

Embrace a hybrid cloud strategy

VMware Cloud on AWS enables organizations to take a hybrid cloud approach, allowing them to move workloads easily between environments. It provides consistent services and an interoperable infrastructure between VMware-based datacenters and the AWS cloud, minimizing the complexity and risks associated with managing diverse environments.

Deliver on digital

This gives organizations always-on access to apps, data, and services, wherever these functions are located. It also enables faster time to market, improved productivity, and rapid innovation for stronger IT alignment to business objectives.

Partnering for success

Capgemini leverages extensive industry expertise, one of the most comprehensive portfolios of cloud offerings, and deep partnerships with VMware and AWS to help organizations realize the full potential of a hybrid cloud approach. From portfolio assessments all the way through execution, our end-to-end approach ensures that VMware cloud on AWS delivers on digital objectives.

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