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The digital CIO’s handbook for manufacturers

Embrace Monday’s idea as Friday’s reality.

One manufacturer transitions to intelligent manufacturing practices to significantly reduce execution times. Another implements machine learning to cut supply-chain errors by half. Another leverages crowdsourcing to improve product success rates. Still another embraces 5G for smart-factory initiatives that increase efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability.  

This is digital manufacturing. In every aspect of the manufacturing industry, digital is disrupting the way manufacturers operate, creating new leaders and leaving industry giants and niche players struggling to adapt. From migration to microservices, automation to containerization, and integration to DevOps, application and cloud technologies are the key to manufacturers’ ability to make digital business a reality. 

In the Capgemini e-book The digital CIO’s handbook for manufacturers: Harnessing the power of cloud and application technologies to make digital business a reality, you’ll read about the keys to success for driving your digital agenda forward – and seeing results. 

You’ll learn how to leverage the power of cloud and application technologies to:   

  • Make infrastructure invisible 
  • Deliver apps at the pace of innovation 
  • Embrace Monday’s idea as Friday’s reality. 
Digital CIO's Handbook for Manufacturers

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