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Grow and adapt to change with SAP SuccessFactors

Capgemini and SuccessFactors enable human resources to focus on delivering strategic value through digital transformation and integrated employee-experience solutions

Human resources (HR) is at a turning point in today’s digital economy. HR faced particular challenges in 2020, as decisionmakers needed to navigate everything from shifting to a remote-work culture to legal concerns about vaccines. This was in addition to the traditional challenges of the HR space – such as furloughs and layoffs and employee well-being – that were exacerbated by the disruption.

Capgemini’s SAP SuccessFactors team helps companies take charge of change and simplify their digital HR transformations by leveraging the SAP Human Experience Management (HXM) technology suite – ensuring people remain a top priority. By interpreting employee feedback to understand what is happening and why, our team of SAP experts helps reshape traditional HR transactions into simple, engaging, and end-to-end employee experiences and create a more flexible and engaged workforce.

As a trusted SAP partner, Capgemini is one of the largest SAP systems integrators, with approximately 20,000 practitioners and more than 1,300 clients worldwide. Our HXM practice has deployed SAP SuccessFactors with a perfect success rate of 100 percent for being on time and on budget over the past five years.

Clever use of digital technology is essential for organizations to effectively cope with not just change, but disruption. A focus on the employee experience is vital, as happy workers who are passionate about what they do will be more productive and committed to excellence, leading to company growth and higher performance. Together with SuccessFactors, Capgemini can drive a digital transformation of your HR department and unlock the business potential of your people.

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