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Deliver apps at the pace of innovation. Deliver a next-gen customer experience.

Facial recognition and hyper-personalized customer engagement. Consistent cross-channel experiences. IoT-based devices and sensors for monitoring consumption and minimizing shrinkage. This is the future of retail, and it’s all powered by APIs. APIs connect data across systems, platforms, and devices, enabling organizations to process, access, and act on information in real time. To excel in the digital world and deliver the experience that customers expect, it’s critical that retailers embrace APIs. To do so, they need to modernize their application and technology landscapes.

Achieve 20 to 25% cost and time savings with Retail Connect

Capgemini’s Retail Connect accelerates API-led modernization. Retail Connect includes more than 30 pre-packaged, retail-specific integrations, along with API-first and microservices-based architecture frameworks. It can be deployed in production in a matter of weeks instead of months to reduce launch timeframes and cut costs associated with up-front development and deployment. Additionally, our pre-built integrations, frameworks, and accelerators can drive 20 to 25% in cost and time savings. These are built on MuleSoft and can be deployed in MuleSoft CloudHub, on-premises, or in hybrid MuleSoft environments.

Helping you deliver on digital

Together, Capgemini and MuleSoft help retailers around the world leverage the power of APIs to deliver cutting-edge experiences that drive satisfaction and loyalty. Capgemini draws on the expertise of 1,110-plus MuleSoft practitioners and more than 17,800 integration experts to help retailers modernize with APIs at speed and at scale.

Learn more about the power of API-led modernization. Access our report on hybrid cloud integration.

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