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Patient-centric data and insights platform
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Supporting a patient-centric approach to therapy for specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers

Specialty pharmaceuticals continue to be the fastest-growing class of medications in the US, making up 90 percent of the 2021 top sellers. The US healthcare system generates an estimated one zettabyte of data annually as patients undergo treatment while on specialty medication. Furthermore, this data is doubling every two years. This growth means specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers need to adopt a patient-centered approach by contracting with data providers to capture and process large quantities of data from disparate data sets. How can manufacturers use this data to keep up with market demands?

Capgemini’s patient-centric data and insights platform offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a robust solution to make sense of the volume of data generated by patients and provide a salient consolidation of treatment data on therapy from the disparate and siloed data comprising the healthcare ecosystem.

Stop missing key data inputs in the patient journey to get insights into how to use data to support your business. To learn more about the power of our patient-centric platform, provide your details below and we can start a conversation.