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DevSecOps Acceleration Platform

Leverage a single platform to track and monitor end-to-end application release management

With the rise of DevSecOps, application development has fundamentally changed, significantly increasing time-to-release, facilitating collaboration across the business, improving application security, and enabling unprecedented agility. The benefits are clear but, for many organizations, shifting to a DevSecOps-based development approach – and doing it well – represents a considerable challenge to the traditional way of working.

While the returns will more than pay off in the long term, achieving maximum efficiency can pose some challenges as organizations struggle with code integration, inconsistency across the build and deploy phases, lack of visibility into quality metrics, and manual quality control. In fact, we’ve found that it’s not uncommon for more than 30% of time to be spent on manual work and 25% on unplanned activities, while 36% of released code must be reworked.

Accelerate your journey with Capgemini’s DevSecOps Acceleration Platform

Capgemini’s DevSecOps Acceleration Platform solves these challenges. A web-based platform available via an outcome- and catalog-based pricing model, it brings together the tools needed to accelerate DevSecOps initiatives and gain DevSecOps maturity – and fast. It combines and streamlines DevSecOps tasks in one simple and intuitive user interface. It also includes highly configurable deployment workflow and automated recommendations to make application improvements at every stage of the lifecycle and accelerate time to market. In fact, organizations can be live with DevSecOps in as little as two weeks with a custom pipeline generated in two minutes and applications onboarded as quickly as 10 minutes. All told, this can generate up to 15% in cost savings.

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