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Bridging the Gap for health

The global pandemic drove an almost overnight switch to a fully remote working model, pushing businesses in nearly every sector to reimagine internal and external interactions. As government and industry come together to fight the spread of COVID-19, it is crucial that we evaluate our existing communication processes and breakdown unnecessary silos to resolve inefficiencies. The collaboration between biopharma companies and the FDA in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine is a model example of the private and public sectors working together toward a common goal.

Historically, the public and private sectors have been relatively closed-off from one another, making it difficult to share the latest information, best practices, and trending technologies. Factors such as speed of implementation, financing, priorities, and security have kept these silos in place.

Capgemini has designed the Bridging the Gap initiative to bring the Federal Health & Technology and Life Sciences groups together to build lines of communication between clients in the private and public sectors. By fostering these relationships, we share best practices and trending technologies with clients across commercial and government industries, enabling them to provide superior solutions to reach their goals and meet the needs of the patient populations they serve.

  • Patient centricity
  • Digital transformation
  • Digitizing the patient experience (in-patient setting)
  • Digitizing the patient experience (out-patient setting)
  • Touchless hospital
  • Telemedicine
  • R&D
    • Clinical trials
    • Drug development
    • Speed to market
  • Business optimization
  • IT modernization
  • Improve business processes
  • Facilitating government and private-sector collaboration
  • Optimizing government access to health data

Partners joining Capgemini’s Bridging the Gap initiative can expect to:

  • Build sustainable, collaborative relationships across our SME clients in the private and public sectors through virtual events
  • Understand the challenges of government intervention in public- and private-sector settings by fostering direct dialog between stakeholders
  • Share information, best practices, and technology via points of view and webinars
  • Help encourage participants and clients to accelerate the implementation of trending technology
  • Support conferences and other initiatives that create federalized solutions for superior patient-centricity in healthcare.

*Public- and private-sector clients in life sciences will have the opportunity to join this initiative as an addition to other contracted services.

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