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Lanny Cohen Appointed Global CTO of Capgemini Group

01 Jul 2013

Lanny Cohen will run the Group’s global CTO network. Acting across all the Capgemini businesses, he will help the whole Group integrate new technology trends and respond to client needs and will be responsible for strengthening the relationship with partners on technology matters. He will also chair the Group Intellectual Property (IP) solutions board and will retain his chairmanship of the North America Country Board, which coordinates commercial activities of Capgemini in North America. 

Lanny Cohen’s leadership and operational experience in helping to create a strong and successful Apps North America business will be key in working directly with me and the Group leadership team,” said Capgemini Chairman and CEO Paul Hermelin. “He will play a vital role in pursuing our ambitions as a global leader in technology services and in business transformation, with a greater emphasis on innovation.”

Salil Parekh, CEO of Application Services for UK, North America, Asia-Pacific and Global Financial Services, has appointed Tim Bridges, Corporate Vice President, to replace Lanny Cohen as head of Application Services North America. Tim Bridges formerly ran Application Services US.